At ZED our mission is to provide expert management consultancy services based on applied experience, tailored to improve our clients' performance.

For some examples of the type of work we do, please click on the service you are interested in below.

  • Organisational strategic planning and design

    • Establishing new organisations and their governance
    • Organisation design
    • Strategic visioning and planning
    • Business and operational planning
    • Strategy development, reform plans, including supporting transition and implementation plans
    • Policies, procedures or business process development or review
    • Workforce planning.

  • Organisational performance and improvement

    • Business case development
    • Board performance and evaluation of reporting
    • Program and project management services including evaluation
    • Service review, development and optimisation
    • Financial modelling and data analytics
    • Business performance management
    • Activity-based costing and demand forecasting.

  • Change management and strengthening our culture

    • Business process change
    • Change readiness impact assessments
    • Workforce culture assessments, action plans and evaluations
    • Organisational psychology, coaching and mentoring.

  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement

    • Strategic communication plans
    • Stakeholder and communication engagement
    • Branding and marketing strategy
    • Internal communication and change management strategies
    • Strategies to support behaviour change
    • Customer segmentation and analysis.

  • Procurement advisory services

    We specialise in providing contemporary strategic and operational advice to deliver value-for-money outcomes across the end-to-end procurement and contract management lifecycle. In addition to providing advisory services in these areas, our team is also experienced in coaching, supporting and mentoring client teams in order to share knowledge and build new capacity within your organisation.

    Our expertise in this area was recognised at the CIPS Australasia Conference & Supply Management Awards 2018 where we were awarded the Best Procurement Consultancy Project Award for our work in relation to the implementation of a modernised procurement framework for the Northern Territory Government.

    • Procurement strategy
    • Contract management
    • Process improvement
    • Project management
    • Capacity building

  • Building your capability and capacity

    If you have short to medium term staffing needs due to sudden growth, project needs or functional changes we can provide flexible staffing solutions in the following areas.

    • Procurement and supply chain management
    • Financial support services
    • Business analytics and data management
    • Strategic communications and engagement
    • Project management and support.